How to Create Eco Friendly Fitness Facility


When the world is rapidly moving towards eco-friendly products and solutions can fitness centres lag far behind? In fact, the scope and opportunities for gyms shifting to a low pollutant and carbon footprint environment is far greater than conventional commercial ventures. How can this be done?

Just think for a moment of the working of a fitness facility. Rows upon rows of equipment plugged into electrical sockets and energy guzzling lights and music systems on at full blast. Now consider this – if exercise cycles were to be manually driven and the treadmills had low power consumption circuits, there would be a drastic reduction in utility bills. And talking about electricity, consumption of fitness centres is high on the list of energy consumers. Why not switch to alternate sources to run the gear? The best option is to have solar energy powering your fitness centre. Solar panels that charge banks of batteries that power the full gym even after sundown is a very effective eco-friendly green solution.

Another area of concern that can be easily addressed with a few minor tweaks is the flooring. Having recycled rubber flooring including bamboo flooring mats that covers the workout areas is a very helpful option and goes a long way to a gym having an eco-friendly setting. Finally, there is another crucial side to creating a green gym. Insist on and only buy green cleaning products. These are free from harsh toxic and abrasive chemicals usually found in conventional cleaning solutions and will not have an adverse health effect on those working out.

Consider these possibilities for creating eco-friendly surroundings in your gym.