Nutrition Tip of the month


Reams and reams have been written on nutrition, dietary habits and their effects on the body by people who are experts in this field. But it all boils down to this – balanced and nutritional diet helps fight a variety of ailments and strengthens the immune system reducing the possibility of chronic diseases. Foods provide calories and the amount you need every day depends on your build and structure and the type of work you do. A person engaged in a sedentary office job will need much less than a miner or a construction worker. Plan your diet well and stay healthy for life.

Follow a few simple tips and you cannot go wrong –

  • Start yur day with breakfast rich in whole grains, calcium, Vitamin D and C.
  • Always prefer pre-washed, pre-cut salad greens and vegetables to snack on. Shun those greasy finger foods. Have plenty of beans as they are rich in fibre.
  • Take a lot of fruits whether fresh, canned or frozen.

Here a distinction needs to be made between the number of calories taken and the quality of nutrients that enhances metabolism levels. To get say 500 calories, you’ll have to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and leafy greens than say a plate of French fries or a small cheeseburger that generates the same number of calories. But by opting for the former combination you get filled up more and can thereby reduce the quantity of next meal intake. Further, plants have more fibre, minerals and antioxidants which help maintain your health.

And finally, along with healthy eating habits, ensure healthy cooking habits. Avoid deep frying foods as much as possible, it adds calories and fats to the food. Always opt for roasting, grilling, steaming and baking. It seals in the nutrients and preserves them for the plate.