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The Link Between Internal Fitness And External Beauty

Typically most people want to go to the gym to lose weight or get more fit. Today, however, there is a surge in people attending gym facilities and doing other fitness activities in order to work on their external beauty. Many might see this as an obvious solution, the fitter and thinner you are the better you look right?

Well, many people are also turning to fitness tactics realising the powerful effects of exercise on skin and hair. From sleeping patterns through to warding off big killers like diabetes and heart problems, exercise has a range of benefits. For those wanting some extra incentive, think about what that run will do for your skin care next time you lace up those sneakers.

Research has always recognised that exercise was beneficial to the entire body. However, it is only now they realise the full range of benefits a regular exercise routine can provide. One of the big ways exercises can help, is with certain dermatological conditions. Everything from acne to rosacea or psoriasis can be both prevented and assisted through developing a fitness routine. Surprisingly different from what we are typically taught, sweat can actually be good for acne and other skin conditions. Raising a sweat flushes the debris out of the system, correcting hormonal imbalances and helping remove all the junk clogging up the pores.

Not only does raising a sweat help with skin care, the increased circulation your skin receives when your heart is pumping, boosts the oxygen in your blood. Highly oxygenated blood travels through your skin boosting detoxification and cell renewal. Not only does a brisk run help the cardiovascular system, but that healthy glow is also actually keeping your skin healthy and vibrant!

The other effects of increased blood flow around the body are the additional benefits to the lymphatic system. One of the women’s main complaints – cellulite –  is a symptom of a reduced lymph circulation. The lymph is the bodily fluid which contains white blood cells, the active agents in the body that protect the entire system from toxins. So exercise like Yoga, helps the lymph and white blood cells flow more freely through the fatty areas to flush both the toxins and reduce the cellulite from the challenging areas.

For many women, however, despite their attempt, there is always one or two areas where cellulite and fat seem to be permanently settled. This is not a reason to quit; there are solutions out there. Someone who recognised the important of this was Stephen Blignaut, who supplies quality equipment to beauty salons across the country. For women struggling, a beauty treatment is just the right relaxing solution to remove the last few inches or troublesome signs of cellulite.

Don’t give up on the fitness routine though you might be at an ideal weight. Exercising even just for 30mins a day can be a great way to blow off tension and stress, working on a cellular level to reverse the toll of stress on our ageing process. In a study that was conducted in 2011, it was easily discovered that women who exercised had fewer signs of ageing compared to those who simply allowed the stress to build up.

So with all those benefits, who would love to go out for a run?

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