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Steps You Should Follow To Maintain Healthy Skin

Your personality plays a huge role of who you are in another person’s eyes and hence your skin plays a very important role in it. The beautiful and healthy skin adds to your personality by simply saying I care enough about myself to care about everything around me. However, the dust, smoke and other factors such as stress can harm our skin making it dull, increasing signs of ageing and making skin tone uneven.

Washing the face helps get rid of all the pollutants, chemicals and other stressors you have been exposed to, but there are other steps as well you to follow to get a healthy skin.

  • Face Cleansing

Wash your face thoroughly with face wash and water and pat it dry with a soft towel every day. It is recommended that you avoid hot water as it dries out the skin. Next, dab some cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe your face to unclog the pores and remove any leftover dirt. It is also essential to remove all of the makeup before you hit the bed. If you want clear, healthy and beautiful complexion, then skin rejuvenation treatments on IPL machines is the best go-to option. The IPL machine works by emitting non-coherent intense pulses of light that penetrates deep into the skin causing collagen and blood vessels to constrict, imparting a healthy glow.

  • Drink Up

Just as you need water to avoid that sensation of extremely dry throat, it is essential to keep the dry and stretchy felling away from the skin too. Water makes up 70% of the body so it is an essential component to keep the organs in working condition and skin is an organ too. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day and if working out increase the intake. You can also replenish by taking in whole fresh fruits, juices and smoothies as they too will hydrate your skin. Add a lemon to the water for a little freshness. Water helps to eliminate all the toxins and imparts a fresh and healthy glow on your skin.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must when stepping out in the sun. The UVA and UVB sun rays are harmful for the skin causing premature ageing, skin rashes, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, even skin cancer. So, to avoid all the skin problems slather on a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher whenever going out even on a cloudy or rainy day. Keep one in your purse and use when needed. However, keep in mind that you use non-comedogenic one and wear a broad-brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses.

  • Eat a Well Balanced Diet

The skin cells constantly shed and replaced by younger ones, so a steady supply of essential nutrients is important to support this rapid growth. Eating a well balanced diet will feed your skin with the vital nutrients it needs to help it stay soft, supple and blemish-free. So, you should eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day, load your plate with antioxidants, don’t crash diet, eat healthy fat and eat more phytoestrogens found in soya bean products.

Following the above-mentioned steps will pave the way to the healthy and glowing skin.

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